PLEZi at Target Campaign


Michelle Obama's recent partnership with PLEZi Nutrition is an exciting development in the mission to promote healthy eating habits and combat childhood obesity.

The brand is calling for family-centric creators to spread their message of raising a healthier generation of children and educate shoppers about PLEZi and its ingredients, highlighting the convenience and health benefits of this healthier drink option that parents can feel good about.

PLEZi Nutrition's mission is to raise a healthier generation of kids by offering a beverage option with 75% less sugar than 100% juices and regular colas, along with added fiber. By providing convenient, healthier snack options for children, they are taking a proactive step towards combating childhood obesity and related health issues. The partnership with creators is a positive development in raising awareness about the importance of healthy eating habits for kids.

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1 Instagram Reel + 1 IG Story (minimum 1 Frame)


1 TikTok video

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Instagram Instagram Reels TikTok
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