Unlocking Beauty & Function: The Masonite Door Revolution


Masonite is on a mission to transform the everyday door into something extraordinary. Their portfolio includes a wide range of doors designed to improve life quality, from doors that allow light in, to soundproof ones, and even doors that ensure security and accessibility. This campaign will be segmented into different parts to highlight their range of products, including the Masonite Performance Door System and the M-Pwr Smart Doors. 

The ideal creator should be above 30 years old, preferably with a family, and capable of demonstrating the product's quality and durability. Masonite targets American homeowners aged 30-55. The content focus / social media site the content will be focused on will be determined by the client. We are aiming to increase brand awareness and increase traffic to Masonite's site and secondary sites. 

- Tell us about your current front door. Is it old, drafty, leaky or just plain ugly?
- How is your home loud, busy or chaotic?
- How can a solid core door help?
- Describe the style of your home and the type of door that would be a good fit. 

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If this casting call aligns with your skills and interests, submit a pitch to the brand for them to review.