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Influencer Marketing Platform

Over a decade of historical data allows us to build data driven product features, so you can make more informed and quantitative decisions to hit your KPIs.

Influencer Marketing Platform

Over a decade of historical data allows us to build data driven product features, so you can make more informed and quantitative decisions to hit your KPIs.


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Influencer + Content Search

Filter through the industry’s largest creator network in just a few clicks. Search by keyword or narrow down your search even further by using our customizable filters.

Keyword Search

Look up creators with keywords that match their names, social handles, tags, and other attributes. Then, browse images and videos by searching relevant keywords.

Discover searchbar

Content Search

Search through creators’ visual content, powered by our VizSearch® engine, with specific keywords, such as “beach” or “surfing,” as well as specific brand names or locations where images and videos were captured.

Advanced Search Filters

Narrow your search with filters such as date posted, creator location, social platform, follower count, or number of engagements.

Social Insights

Dive into brands’ top connections, overall post sentiment, engagement rate, and more.

My Competitors

Take a closer look at competitor content and learn which brands influencers talk about most.

Mega to Micro Influencers

Search the entire range of influential and innovative creators.

Audience Data

Speak to authentic, engaged consumers. Our search tool analyzes billions of pieces of content, combining that data with our detailed demographic info to predict which creators will best connect with your audience.

Creator Segmentation

Refine search results based on filters relative to the creator’s Profile.

Saved Search & History

Save your searches so you can easily access them everytime you come back to Discover without reselecting your filters. Keep track of how many new creators who fit the search criteria joined the marketplace in the last seven days.


Explore each creator’s content, social connections, personal information, and audience data to see if they’re the perfect fit for your campaign.

Creator Background

View a creator snapshot that goes well beyond a standard social media profile.

Community Tags

Gain insight into topical creator communities based on natural language processing of actual content.

Audience Data and Insights

Understand what the Creator’s audience likes and engages the most with. You can also find the Creator’s audience demographic information, such as gender, age, and location breakdown.

Connections Overview

Get an overview of all the different social connections an influencer has.

Brand Mentions

View the top brands an influencer has mentioned over the past year.

Recent Content

Recent content the influencer has posted per connection.

Connection Insights

See how influencers stack up on key benchmarks and review their performances over time.

Includes: follower count, quantity of sponsored content, engagement rate over time, benchmarking, content performance, audience engagement insights with keywords, mentions, hashtags, brands and themes.

Most Engaged Content

Browse a creator’s most engaged-with content over time.

Shake Integration

Purchase an existing influencer offer in the Creator Marketplace and get started. No need to upgrade your account—just select the package and buy it in Shake.

Content Performance

See a creator’s content performance over time.

CRM and Notes

Keep track of creator notes and share them with team members in your organization.

BrandGraph Integration

Add your brand with the BrandGraph Brand Selector integration for a custom brand experience showing overall post sentiment, percent sponsored content, engagement rate by followers and content mentioning your brand over time.

Media Kits

Download a single-page PDF creator summary. Select from portrait or landscape orientation and access a creator’s recent content, profile highlights and audience data. Then, review high-level insights of each connection.

Custom Lists

Build rosters of your go-to creators, keep track of your best-fits, or invite multiple creators to opportunities at the same time.

Bulk Actions

From the list view you can bulk email all creators, invite to bid, download the list, clone a list, clone to creator review list or download their media kits.

Influence Rank®

IZEA’s proprietary creator ranking technology assesses and organizes creators within Discover to best match influencers with your query.

Community Rank

Hone in on a creator’s influence within their chosen communities.

Discovered Tags

Analyzes creator profiles, biographies, tags, and communities using intelligent tag sourcing.