Foodies! Try new Marzetti Simply dressings, dips and marinades!


Creators, indulge in your favorite foods without the guilt! That’s what Marzetti Simply is all about. Let’s create a fun and engaging campaign on TikTok and Instagram that showcases the versatility, and deliciousness of Marzetti Simply dressings. You can whip up simple, yet tasty recipes that highlight the nutritional benefits of these dressings without compromising on taste- think fresh salads, grilled vegetables, and even marinades for lean proteins.

Let’s show your audience how Marzetti Simply fits into a balanced, healthy lifestyle, without making it all about dieting or fitness. From picnics in the park, family BBQs, or even a cozy dinner date at home, all featuring meals made better with Marzetti Simply.

Healthy eating can be simple, fun, and most importantly, delicious! Submit your pitch with a recipe including Marzetti Simply!

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Instagram TikTok
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